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Old 12-30-2009, 02:01 PM
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Angry Career Guy Looses Out to Broke Drug Dealer? Why?

I'm 34, no children, minority (mixed blk/native which may matter), working on my own business, with prospects to acquire a license to practice law internatinally soon (UK Solicitorship)... and a young woman (ok a little more younger) and I were getting along just fine; nothing sexual or anything just yet (just getting the relationship started, but thats not the point), and in the mean time I'm working on moving into a house (in an more upscale location, etc. etc.)... and long story short she decides to go out with a drug dealer who is obviously not very good at dealing drugs, has no job to suppliment, and cant drive because he's a dui...

My question is, even women my own age and throughout my life (even one i married (yes once married for 10 months) sad i know already haha), i've always lost out to the drug dealer and the other scoundrols like that.. the women want them.. then they always come back to me wanting me to raise the resulting children with them... it seems no one wants to have children with me, but they sure the hell want me to raise "their's".... Why?

I'm good looking, well spoken, strong... but most say my personality is intimidating (in the "business man powerful type sense"), , intelligent (in both the negitive and positive sense of the words)... (just to be fair and well rounded here)

(any advice is very very much welcome and appreciated!)

I want to avoid going through this anymore, but from nerdy girls to bad girls, and everything inbetween i can never get it right, this always happens; seems like i'm gonna continue this unless i'm willing to clean up the mess of some loosers enjoyment.... unfortuneately for me, i'm not willing to accept footing the bill on someone elses party (emotionally, socially, and financially- which btw is actually the easiest of the three).. whats wrong with me?

(is it really i'm just choosing the wrong women? (or, whats more likely is that its me, and I'm the ass or the one who is wrong...?) even through i've dated all kinds of women (educated, not so, younger, older, wiser, dumber, street smart and street born, non-street anything, nice, mean, lier, honest, and all inbetween)... Is there any other example of this with anyone you may know, please do tell me what the result of what i'm going through is??? (a lonely old man, or a man who figures it out eventually?) Soooo many questions...

"Angry, and pathetic"

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