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Old 12-17-2012, 10:47 PM
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Default Uneven attentions

My husband and I have been poly for about a month now. No one has come all the way home with us, but there has been playing around. I'm feeling awkward because I'm getting much more attention than my husband. I know it's easier for a woman to get attention, but I feel like this might start to bother him. He insists it doesn't, but I've seen signs.

I have a whole bunch of female friends that we regularly hang out with. All of us play around together. Everything from one just likes to kiss at the bar, while another would take me home in a heartbeat and we've done everything but. Two of our male friends (who are in poly relationships with two of the girls) have expressed interest in me. My husband has gotten one make out session within the entire month.

I'm afraid that he's going to grow frustrated with things and decide that if I'm the only one having fun, then we should just forget the whole thing. I also feel terrible that he's not having nearly as much fun as me. I've asked and he insists it's all fine. But then he'll say little things that let me know he's feeling dejected. We all went to a club the other night and were all having fun together. I asked at one point if he was OK as he'd just been sitting off to the side for a while. He insisted that he was and then just offhandedly mentioned that he wished he had someone to make out with, too.

What can I do to even this out? I know he's feeling awkward going after women. Can any guys provide advice on how he can get into the swing of it?
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