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Old 07-07-2012, 03:02 PM
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Default Wonderful!

[QUOTE=Aurelie26;142480]Last night we finally got around to allowing Nathan to watch myself and Scott having sex. It's something I've been putting off because I wasn't 100% sure about it.

It was awesome, and I have to admit I found it to be very erotic, and a big turn-on for me to have Nathan watching us. Scott was also very into it, I could tell.

Thank you so much for your post Aurelie; I for one was really interested in knowing how your experience came out (and I dont mind at all finding your continuing posts in this thread). Having been through this very experience I can now say what you now know: imagination cannot get to the reality of how intense this is. The bravery of both of you to go through with this is what opens doors to profound possibilities between you. I was sure Nathan would struggle with certain feelings, and discover perhaps to his dismay some of the toughest ones are also the most erotic (that appears to have happened; it sure did for me), and I was also sure you would experience something that was much more intensely than you would have thought, and from my own experience I believe this is all going to turn out to be very positive for both of you. The key I think is to accept your own feelings; the deeply erotic hides in deeply stuffed desires for unfamiliar dynamics, mainly relating to power exchange. And when we can finally say to ourselves and our partner, frankly and without fear but with trust, I like what this does to you, and I want you to make me feel this way again, as hard as it is, then we dont need to know why, and we dont need to tag names to any of it to make it real, because the richness of this journey is only found in the journey itself for the two of you. As for Nathan, I can say from personal experience that a key is to understand that being in this position, and enduring the feelings, is not inflicted but is a choice, and one that he cannot make without great reserves of personal confidence. I wear my position in my relationship like a badge of honor. And for the close friends who ask me how I can put myself in this position, I assure them it is a unique experience and I desire it and choose it, and that it takes strength, not weakness to open myself to the erotic and relationshp growth that comes with the struggles go through as part of it. I for one hope to hear how things are going with you both from here. 
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Old 12-17-2012, 04:02 PM
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Sorry, I know this is an old thread. I'm new to the site and wanted to post my thoughts in case Aur and Nathan still read. I have kind of a unique perspective, because I've actually done a lot of research into cuckolding (For various reasons that I'm sure I will post here later.) but I've been on "both" ends of the issue, lets say.

First off, Cuckolding is associated with the more extreme version of the kink, in the same way BDSM is associated with whips, chains and dungeons--even though anyone who is actually into BDSM knows it can has a massive, massive range. But it's always the most extreme end of the kink that gets publicized, because, lets face it, Vanilla isn't news!

That being said, Cuckolding has a massive range. It's basic definition is an unfaithful wife. However, in terms of a kink, MOST would classify it as a wife who sleeps with other men, because they can satisfy her better than the husband. It does not have to include direct humiliation, or even a husband that is unable to satisfy his wife. (Many cuckold wives are married to great lovers, as it sounds like Aur is.)

It also *does not* mean the wife has to be dominant with the husband, or humiliate him directly. Often times, in fact, the teasing is done simply by emphasizing how good the lover is, without really mentioning the short comings of the husband at all. And the husband's enjoyment is derived from watching his wife be provided for in a way he can't. (But many husbands remain perfectly confident because they know their love making fills another niche.)

It's actually very rare, in my experience (Which is limited, mind you--but I've talked with many), for the "lover" to ever eclipse the husband as a lover completely. Usually it's purely a physical thing, and the husband, rather than being humiliated or objecting to it, finds fulfillment in his wife getting what she needs--in many "swinging" life styles, it's like getting her a giant toy.

Of course it's very different in a poly-cuckolding case like this one, where feelings and love are involved (Which is actually why I'm here, but I'll make my own thread.)....but the principles are the same. The "C" word doesn't have to mean the man is a sissy, or anything of the like. All cuckolding implies is there is a sexual niche, (Which can be broad, like penetration from a bigger cock, or more physical lover) that the primary lover doesn't perform *as well* as "the bull". But that's it, sometimes there is no humiliation involved at all (I know that's difficult to understand, but try explaining how there is no jealousy to a monog person.)--it's simply a fact that the lover is better, and the husband gets off knowing his wife is being taken care of in this way.

Anyway, just wanted to add my .02$ I was very happy to see the growth of your relationship Aur and Nathan, it's a great kink to discover and I hope you two find the level of play you both like. Don't let the semantics get you bogged down, the "C" word is what you make of it.
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