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Old 12-17-2012, 10:36 AM
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Default Intro & Questions??

Hi there - I'm hoping for some advice and info on a situation. I am single and have been for appx 4 years. I feel that I have kind of closed myself off from starting new relationships because of a previous relationship however about 6 months a go I met someone who I really like.
We have a few things in common and I really like and enjoy his company. Over time our friendship has developed, and we are quite open with each other, we discuss many things and he told me he has an open relationship with his wife. I found this interesting and he tells me about it.
Nothing has happened between us however I am starting to feel very interested in him. I am unsure of whether my feelings are because I just really like him, and have an affinity with him or if its something more and its been on my mind for a while.
Heres the issue - he is a colleague, and i messaged him (drunk) about my feelings, he has responded with a lovely message and says he is interested in strenghtening our friendship and would like to meet to talk about this face to face. I would like to do that, I understand he is in a relationship and frankly I don't want to disturb that, but I also don't want to potentially upset our working relationship or friendship. I'm a bit confused. I had a workplace relationship over 20 years ago and it didn't end well, since then I have never been involved with anyone at work. To be honest I'm not even sure if he finds me attractive and also that i have messed up! So any advice on polyamory for single women, do's and don'ts and opinions will be welcomed. Thanks.
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