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Old 12-17-2012, 07:36 AM
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Default Attending events where people with current conflicts will be also

I created a poly group in our town. Its going well. I created it in order to allow for us to socialize with other polys without infringing on the existing group, because the lady Maca considered dating-and it blew up into a dramatic nightmare-is part of the original group.

I created an event, advertised as being created by me (full real name) and hosted by me. She was the FIRST RSVP.

MY first thought-WHAT THE FUCK is wring with her?
It has been a year, she continues to contact Mark with hateful animosity about me. I havent had shit to do with her and aside from texts, neither has he since summer. They kissed a cpl times-but the relationship never went anywhere due to her unwillingness to talk to me after boundaries were broken.

I have since moved the venue out of my home. But-I frankly-don't want to attend. I don't want anything to do with someone who is continuing to harass me passive aggressively through Mark AND talking shit about me to others.

I see her RSVP to an event I am creating (20-30 ppl in a private home) tacky at best and stalking when considering it is the 3rd event in two months she's done this.

I'm offended. Seriously has crossed my mind to send her a legal warning regarding me filing charges for stalking and harassment if she doesnt desist.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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