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Old 12-28-2009, 06:24 AM
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My hubby and I had my bf with us for Christmas Eve and it was wonderful! We had some supper, exchanged gifts, watched a movie, then hung out for the rest of the evening together. We are not openly poly with many people, so being able to share 'special occasions' like Christmas Eve are important. I think the day when we are openly poly will come, some day.
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Old 12-28-2009, 07:17 AM
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So we spent Christmas eve together with other Poly friends and friends. It was an open house and everyone who came had some food and drink... my son loved it! My husband's boyfriend came over and we did a puzzle together. That was the first time he has been over. It was cute to watch them hold hands as we watched something on the internet after.

Christmas day Santa came while Mono slept in the living room. Right under his nose! Weird huh? the boy thought so... he even left a foot print!

We spent the day eating, drinking various festive drinks, calling relatives and friends, opening presents and went for a walk at a local park... there were snow drops already if you can believe it! Well, unusual for Canada okay!!

We also went to visit my husbands mum, step dad and grandmother for a bit. We surprised them.

Later I made a vegetarian meal of turnip casserole, tofurky turkey (purchased by Mono, he tries so hard to be respectful of our veggiedom), nut stuffing, mushroom gravy (chantrels) and veggies... lemon tarts that Mono and I made for dessert along with a ton of shortbread and other goodies that my husband and I made.

We watched a movie in the evening after a long rest in front of the fire and the boy being put to bed.

What a great day *sigh* it was a the best day ever! So unstressful....

I felt good about going to visit my brother earlier in the week for solstice. I took my boy and we helped them decorate for my parents visiting them. We made origami ornaments and snow flakes for their windows.

Earlier, at dawn, and before me and the boy left to visit, we went to a local park and watched the sun come up. We brought coffee and breakfast with us and talked about what we would bring to light this year. It was freezing cold, but we went out and did a toast just the same... the clouds made it feel extra specially gloomy and dark, but at least it wasn't raining!

It's been sunny and warm since! I loved that the sky opened up on Christmas day, for no other reason than to bring those who have been freezing on our cities streets some hope on Christmas day. It's been cold this fall and wet, a bit of dry and warmth makes me feel like mother nature is taking care of them a bit.
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