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Old 12-04-2012, 05:20 PM
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Default Hello from Anchorage, Alaska

(I'm cutting-and-pasting this from my OKCupid profile, for a starter)...
I'm a 53 year old man, married and divorced once, with two grown children, and now living with my great girlfriend in west Anchorage for over seven years. I'm polyamorous (perhaps you're familiar with the term) and in fact am the organizer for the online Alaska Polyamory meetup group; my girlfriend and I host about half of the Poly meetups in our apartment, usually potluck & discussion evenings, sometimes with a thematic movie. Come and visit our Alaska Polyamory group:

I am looking for an additional partner who I can be genuine friends with AND a fun sexual partner with. Despite being polyamorous, my gf and I are, as she likes to say, the most monogamous poly people we know. That is, we haven't had other romantic partners in a long time.

I have a well-developed sense of humor; I'm not a stand-up comedian per se but I am pretty good at thinking up jokes live, on the fly, in real life. I am a fan of the pun. I enjoy most genres of music but especially classic rock, jazz, and world fusion. I enjoy most varieties of food -- and I can cook! -- but especially Thai, Japanese, Chinese (why is there no good Chinese place in Anchorage?), and Mexican. I enjoy watching movies but voluntarily choose not to have T.V.; favorite genres include sci-fi, science and history documentaries, and comedies. I love Shakespeare as presented in the movies by Kenneth Branagh. I enjoy going to the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Native Heritage Center, to live concerts, and have participated in community theater (though not in Anchorage).

My sex drive is much higher than that of my girlfriend (though the sex she and I have is great!) and I would love to have a great female friend who I could meet once or twice a week for mutually satisfying fun. I'm more kinky than most, I dare say. I'm involved in the local bdsm/kink community; I'm a Dom. I have a broad spectrum of sexual turn-ons and I enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure. I wouldn't expect that a friend with benefits -- or indeed any one partner -- would need to share all of my erotic interests with me, but I'd hope we'd match up in several of them: more to talk about later! For now, let me say that my brain, my hands, and my tongue are sexual organs along with my penis, and that I like playing with toys.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. I enjoy being with other people but I enjoy smaller groups rather than larger ones most of the time. I like to cuddle, both on the couch and in bed. My I.Q. is 172, though I realize that that's just a number on a standardized test and that I'm not a genius in everything. I enjoy languages and language learning: English is my first language. German is my best second language; I'm reasonably fluent for general conversation. I have basic conversational ability in I˝upiaq and Central Yup'ik Eskimo and Spanish, and can communicate a bit in Tlingit and Russian. I have some knowledge and experience in shamanism, Taoism and Buddhism (though was raised the grandson of a Christian minister).
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