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Old 11-24-2012, 06:44 PM
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Default physically poly emotionally not

so im new to being poly but ive always felt it was right for me so ive been in a poly relationship for six months now with my boyfriend adam and its been great and i have watched him do sexual things with other girls and i have been very happy to watch i am very compersive ...but as of last month a new girl has come along and has actually stayed around unlike any of the others at first i was happy about this ..until i saw him look at her the way he looks at me and thats when i realized that yes i am compersive in a physical way ..but maybe not in an emotional one ...it killed me to see him emotionally happy with another girl and to make it even weirder i actually like this girl as well so why do i have such a problem with it? Well ive been thinking alot about it for awhile and i have read alot of what other people have said in here with the same concerns and well all i can come up with is that it is kinda fucked up to not want to see my boyfriend happy in any manner of things i mean no duh he is gonna wanna get emotional with someone he is sexual with for so long and i feel like it is incredibly selfish of me to be that way we have talked about it and he has told me mul,tiple times that he loves me and just because he cares for her that it will not make him care for me any less and he has told her that to so i guess what im asking here is ....is there anyway i can get over this in a fast effeciant way because i feel like my insecurity is gonna cause us to be un happy and break up and that is the last thing i want so if any one has any advice please help thank you
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