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Old 11-23-2012, 02:23 AM
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Default Central Illinois

We are a married couple of three years but have been together for seven. I, the wife, is twenty-one and very bisexual. He is twenty-five and straight. We met in high school and now we have a beautiful little girl. She is three years old and our entire world. Now to get down to the personal level. Im going to start with me, the wife. Like I had stated, I am twenty-one and bisexual. I graduated High school in the year 2009. I met my husband when I was a freshman and have been with him ever since. I absolutely love kids. I work for Caseys gas station and I love my job. I love to read books especially Nora Roberts. I do write poetry and have had many published. I enjoy a good tv show. I prefer comedies but I will watch some dramas such as Private Practice. I enjoy family guy, american dad, simpsons, animal practice, grimm, supernatural, and many more. I love horror flicks and can watch them all day. The only problem is my husband doesnt like them so I usually watch them alone. That is some basic information on me, now to my husband. He is 25 and straight like I previously mentioned. He graduated high school in 2006. He enjoys video games a lot. He plays them whenever he can and will not stop unless you ask but thats just his vice when hes feeling stressed. The types of games he'll play all depends on his mood but lately its been shooting games and online mmporg like world of warcraft or everquest. He will watch tv and is into all the same things I am but add some sci fi and take out the horror. He works at Dollar General and does enjoy his job as much he can. There, a little about us, now what we are looking for in our dream woman. We dont care about what you look like as long as you take care of yourself in the fact that you bathe. We are both a little chubby so if you are we dont mind. We smoke cigarettes so if you do we dont care. We do not smoke weed and ask that you are drug free as well. Height isnt important but keep in mind we are both on the shorter side. If you have kids its fine by us, like I had mentioned, we love kids. So all in all, if you like video games, tv and movies, and love kids we can have a chance at getting along. We do want someone that both of us can love and cherish so please bo open to that. Eventually, maybe you can move in with us and we can all have our open relationship. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for being patient and reading this.
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