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Old 11-21-2012, 04:46 AM
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Default I'm part of a what?

Coming from monogamy as of 3 weeks ago. Interesting situation: I (female) meet a guy from Craigslist, C, start dating him, and eventually move in with him. I find out what an irresponsible adult he is, and soon end things, and soon after move out. Less than a week after I end things (but before I've moved out), he's reminding me daily he's going to see other people, and oh, this one day he's got a date. He ends up seeing this married gal T for weeks, T basically living at my place, and the two of them ask me to go out with them, not just once, but over and over again. My ex, C, who is dating T, tells me that I should come along on Halloween night because he (C) and T and T's husband will be there, and I can meet T's husband, J. I'm glad I went because J and I really hit it off. I have never been exposed to polyamory before, and I've never had two partners, though I've been in the dreaded monogamous situation of being locked in a lengthy relationship and trying to get water from a rock and wanting to look elsewhere... so ... I guess where I'm going with this is... T is dating my ex, and now I'm the girlfriend of a guy who's married... so now I've got to deal with feelings about... what if I want to marry someone who isn't marryable? I know that there are ceremonies etc etc, but that's not what I mean... what I mean is, how do I deal with those feelings of knowing I'll have to find someone else...someone who can live with me who doesn't already have a home and wife? Not saying I want to marry this particular guy, just using the situation as an example. Perhaps I'm just still too new to understand, and those feelings need more time to occur...?

Much appreciation for your wisdom.


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