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Old 11-20-2012, 03:40 AM
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Default Hoping for some advice.

I don't usually post, but I find a lot of knowledge and good advice in the forum. So I thought I would post here, if this is the wrong place I apologize.

Little background, we've been married for 9 years together for 12. We have two lovely girls ages 5 and 4. My wife came out to me almost 2 years ago as to liking girls and over the last few years we've explored trying to have an open marriage. We hoped being able to explore what she had been repressed for so long she would be able to feel normal. We've had our up's and down's.

About a month ago she started dating a girl, I really struggled with jealousy. Over the past year I felt like she was pulling away from me sexually even though she reassured me she loved me and still enjoyed sex with me. Last Friday after me struggling with my jealousy again over time she came out and said that she is Gay and does not want to continue in a sexual relationship with me, and that we are effectively broken up and should consider ourselves single.

We still very much love each other, we are each others best friend. Neither one of us wants to take the children from the other. We make great parents and partners so we are trying to remain living together. I must admit I still feel jealous that she has a new relationship that allows her some escape from the collapse of our relationship.

I'm here asking for any advice or words of encouragement anything really that may help us keep together as a family unit. (we do realize that we may not be able to do that but we want to make sure we exhaust all options before we do) We have discussed divorce and custody and it sucked.

Thanks in advance.
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