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Old 12-22-2009, 07:53 PM
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Default Update on my Health Situation

Last Monday I got a new MRI done on my neck. Yesterday I went into the doctor to go over the results.
The basic is-my disk is MUCH worse.

The herniation was already significant, but now it's grown by more than 1/2 which means the "gel" inside of the disk (designed to stay inside) broke out-and started hardening. Enough has "leaked" out now and hardened that it's completely filling the space in the left side of the vertabrae where the nerves for my left arm "exit" from the spine.

That would be why the intense shooting pains in my arm and the increasing numbness in my fingers etc.

Thursday (Christmas Eve) I go in to see the surgeon and schedule emergency surgery. They are hoping to do the surgery before New Years.

Maca leaves tomorrow night for Washington to see our oldest son (he's 13) for Christmas. He's worried sick. He feels guilty about leaving and is worried about me, but our son has been there for 6 months getting psychological care and he needs to see his dad too. I told him (Maca) that I'll be fine, he comes back the afternoon of the 28th, so with any luck we can schedule the surgery for the 29th or 30th.

They have to go in through the front of my neck, clear out the hardened material from inside the vertabrae (vertabrae are shaped roughly like a triangle lying flat on a table). They have to avoid hitting the spinal cord (on the back "top" corner) and the major vein and artery (the other two corners of the triangle shape).

One night in the hospital. Then 6 weeks of recovery time at home. The first 2 weeks are complete bed rest. After that, no lifting anything bigger then a gallon of milk, pulling, pushing or generally doing anything that requires muscle work. I'm supposed to have someone with me at all times for the first two weeks. I have to wear a cervical collar for 3-5 weeks and they may have to do a bone graft from my hip to put in my spine....

More later-I'm still here, please send happy thoughts our way! I miss you guys!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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