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Old 12-21-2009, 06:56 PM
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Default Not sure what to do next.

It has been a crazy road for the past few weeks, stopped posting, but here I am again
I'm the married man in a recently formed V relationship with my wife and her lover, who is a friend of mine.

While I was toppled with a lot of exterior professional pressures for the past three months, I first found out that my wife's relationship with her friend became more intimate. While I support them 100% and I'm extremely happy for them, because of the pressures and the timing of this big shift in my marriage, my life spun out of control in a lot of ways. I tried seeing a couple of somewhat single women and things did not work right.

However, the pressures are completely over and I'm finally feeling like I'm gaining my bearings again. Again, I am okay with my wife and her boyfriend's relationship, what I'm worried about here where I fit into the whole equation and also what I'm wanting for myself.

I did meet someone over these past few months, but her life and mine are really too chaotic for anything productive to happen between us. This is a shame, as I really dig her, but recently I've realized that I need to completely let this one go. It is a shame, as she's fun, smart, and beautiful. But she's busy, and I've got to work around my wife's relationship, so it really has stunted the time I have with this new friend.

So after three months, I know exactly what I want: companionship with a woman that is looking for a friend mixed with romance but is willing to work with my time constraints.

But now that I know what I want, I do not know how to go about finding it. And should I be worried if this takes me down several avenues that are simply sexual, or just don't plain pan out? Not dating for ten years has kind of worried me on this level.

I recently looked at PolyMatchMaker and a few others, and I came to the realization that in the world of polyonline matchmaking a married man looking for a female companion is like being a jackass in a unicorn safari, as it seems unicorns are all that is being sought after on those sites.

This is perhaps another one of my woes with this whole situation. My wife and her lover are pretty complete, and her polylife pretty much ends there. Though (I hope I clarified this for you YGirl) I'm sometimes left wondering if what I may really need is a woman to share with my wife. I feel like I've been left to rebuild personal happiness on my part alone, which is surprisingly, very lonely.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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