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Old 11-06-2012, 08:57 AM
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Default York, PA poly M seeking LTR with M,F,or a couple

Hello everyone! I am a bit new to this forum but not all too new to the idea of polyamory. I was involved in a poly relationship once over the past 11 months. To be honest, it was a very pleasant relationship and I loved my partner so very much. I never had any problem with anything when it came to the relationship, though it did promptly have to come to an end. Though we are still very close friends, still in love, and do hope to eventually get back together. As such I have been wanting to explore things with others still. I am cautious and have very little tolerance for cowboys(girls) so those that wish to "turn" me into a mono person should not respond. Though I am not a very hard person to get along with ^^

I am a Male from York, PA. 22 years old , Pansexual

About me:

I think I am a very fun loving and personable individual. I find that I am very relaxed about many things and am open to a variety of interests. I personally enjoy video games, reading, writing, board games, card games, gardening, roleplaying games, walking in the park, enjoying nature, watching movies, dancing, cooking, and really anything to do with animals. I am a social butterfly and love to do things with people. I also have an affectionate personality. I love to cuddle up on the couch with someone, good conversation, going out to coffee, etc. I love going out on dates too.

I love many genres of music and movies. I love anything I can dance to and movie wise I like anything from Hero flicks to comedies to romances. In fact, I am a very romantic person in general.

What I am looking for:

At the moment I am looking for a playful and fun male, female, gender queer, trans, or a couple even. In fact I would love a couple because I feel I could learn more from two or three people in a successful relationship. I want something long term and I specifically want someone that is alright with the fact that I may get back together with my love in the future, the one that showed me what poly was. She still has my heart and I still love her so much, so I do wish for someone that would be ok with the possibility of her and I getting back together. So as long as someone won't try to interfere with that possibility, then it'll be alright ^.^

I would love someone(s) who I can be friends with. Someone who could go out on dates and go have some drinks at a bar or a coffee shop. Also someone who would like to sit on a couch and cuddle up with me on the couch or bed and watch a movie. It would be very nice if they were playful, flirty, fun, a little nerdy or had similar interests in what I had. I would love someone who is perfectly fine with me no matter how I am and they can accept that at times I love to be dragged off to play or just cuddle up and sometimes I would just like to curl up with them. It would be amazing if they would get along with not only me, but my family here. If they are able to get along with everyone, it would be so very nice. I am very much ok with someone who is a little wild and silly, as well as fun and bouncy. Anything more to do with stuff in the bedroom, I can and will gladly explain if asked in a PM, email, or message on my IMs.

Thats pretty much a summery of what I can tell you at this time. It's been a long time since I have written a personals ad and such, I feel a bit rusty and wondering if I left anything out ^^;

Again, feel free to ask about anything you wish! I am an open book and love answering any and all questions.
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