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Old 12-20-2009, 07:11 PM
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Default Our first poly holiday...

Macbeth and I started our poly negotiations and parameters in the summer and after a great deal of effort came up with a great list of parameters, and both are involved with other primaries. Now come the holidays. Holidays have always been very important wonderful family times with all kinds of fantastic holiday traditions. Now that we have, essentially, new family members, we're finding ourselves in a wonderful conundrum with so many people we want to spend time with.

We're not out to anyone but our partners. Thus, there are lots of holiday parties and plans. My bf has been an integral part of our social network for a long time, and he, myself, and my husband actually find it wonderfully erotic to be in our social setting and have our "little/big secret." Sometimes stolen kisses when nobody's looking, etc. As we have had several holiday dinner parties, etc, this has been wearing on me. I want everyone to see how wonderful our lives and loves are. My bf's mom is coming down, she knows he is dating someone, but not the details. Since she knows I'm married, she is concerned that it's an affair and he doesn't know how to answer her questions about what I'm doing for the holidays..."oh, she's hanging with her husband and in-laws."

My husband's gf is having extensive conflict with her other bf and is out of the state. My daughter and my boyfriend's daughter don't know that their parents are involved romantically...we've included my bf and his daughter with our family activities (i have one 11 year old daughter) but for the first time I found myself uncertain of who to pay attention to on the outing (my husband or bf) and have to limit any affectionate touching anyway because of the children.

Last night my husband and I were discussing our "poly utopia" and fantasizing about what it would be like to have all of our circle (which involves six, me, my husband, my bf, my husbands gf and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's other gf...yikes) over for a poly family holiday with a wonderful dinner, games, a fire in the fireplace, gifts...and no hiding. I would love to have my family there, my husband's family...etc. I would love to sit on the sofa between my husband and bf holding both of their hands in front of our friends and family.

Anyone every achieved this?
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