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Old 06-07-2009, 09:47 AM
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Default A grey area bystander

I'm not sure if I'm mono or poly or neither, I'm in the grey area I guess. I'm content being monogamous, but when I fall in love with someone else- I'd like to be polyamorous and express my love for that person as well. This happened recently- which got me looking into poly more.

This is a gross generalization that I apologize for- but it seems like polyamory often demands communication and honesty and being open with your partner, while too many people who are monogamous find that half-truths, lies by omission, and "little white lies" are the recipe to a happy relationship. I actually read a bit of Cosmo once- and it essentially said that a happy relationship is based on lies and manipulation, and that your man can't handle the truth.

Obviously, it's an over-generalization, and I'm sorry if I happened to get the one bad article.

About me: I'm asexual, transgendered (I love that you gave the option of putting in your own gender!), married to another asexual transperson. I didn't know my partner was trans when we met, it took them awhile to accept it in themselves, and a bit of me silently wishing they were a transgirl (they're not).

As I think I mentioned I wanted to be in a poly relationship once, very recently in fact. My partner would never be okay with that, really tried to find a way where they would be. I respect that, and, as I said, I'm happy monogamous- and finally realized that the person I wanted to add would've been a bad fit anyways, so I'm back to being content wiht my relationship situation- but still interested in polyamory and like hearing about it and talking about it.

So, hello, newb alert, sorry if that was too long or offensive. Hi.
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