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Old 10-31-2012, 09:55 PM
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Default Nor'easter + Hurricane Sandy + full moon (high tides) = one big mess

I am safe and got through Hurricane Sandy with no loss of power, though my lights flickered a great deal all Monday night. All my friends and relatives are safe and in good shape, though many of my family still have no power or cell service, as they are located on the New Jersey shore which was hit very hard.

It is weird to be in NYC in the midst of a national disaster - again. Much of the damage is
unprecedented here. The East River came up to 1st Ave. in spots. That is quite a distance. There is still no power in Manhattan below 42nd or 34th Street (I keep hearing different cut-off points), and we have a twisted crane up on the top of a tall building that got knocked over in a gust of wind (70 - 90 MPH winds!) and is dangling over the streets (about six blocks have been cordoned off around it and all residents and hotel guests in the area evacuated). There are at least 20 to 30 houses that burned down in one Queens neighborhood because firefighters couldn't reach them. We've got looting going on in Staten Island, all airports flooded, no flights in or out, cell/internet/landline services spotty, trees downed or broken and in danger of falling on people (incl. the one in front of my apt. bldg). No one is allowed in the city parks to avoid getting killed by falling branches (a few people died that way with Hurricane Irene), and we've had 24 deaths so far, including two young boys who were swept away by powerful flood waters that pulled them right out of their mother's arms!

I am a college student but have no classes this week because most people (staff, professors, maintenance personnel, etc.) can't get into Manhattan from elsewhere very easily. Plus the campuses are being used as emergency shelters for all the people displaced from downtown (no power, no water), and from around the crane. Most bridges and tunnels are closed, we have a mandatory carpool thing going on the roads that are coming into Manhattan, still no subways because most of the tunnels are flooded, and limited bus service. We have the National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers here.

Stock prices on Home Depot, Lowe's, and some big generator manufacturer rose quite significantly.They are still allowing the NYC Marathon to take place, although they postponed the Halloween parade until next week.

It's a really big mess here, although my neighborhood is okay, but I only hope that my new job will still need me! With no business, they might not! I have to borrow money from a friend to meet my Nov. rent, so I really need to stay employed.

**Anyone else in the storm's path, please let us know you are okay.
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