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Old 12-17-2009, 03:56 PM
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Default Poly versus Sluttiness

For the first time I had sex with someone who I am not dating. I told him before we did anything that I would have to tell P about this and he said okay. I told P and while i was a little nervous P said "congrats hunny! isnt it nice being poly?" and the whole time im thinking...what I just did wasnt poly, it was just me being drunk, horny and a little slutty, yes I told P about it but still.

....Ps poly but flirts and makes out (or hooks up sometimes) with loads of girls....something i never have done untill this past night. When I did I felt no attachment with the guy I hooked up with, he didnt either, we both talked about it and were on the exact same page.

Now P keeps saying things like "you say that now...." as if i really have something between this guy and me... but i dont think there, there is anything there. he has been my friend for a while but im not interested in a relationship with him (plus the sex was less than spectacular...way less)

I think there is a difference between poly and slut. and P seems to confuse the two... but maybe im wrong?

whats your take?
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