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Old 10-23-2012, 03:49 AM
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I am currently living with my boyfriend and my children and my husband is living with his gf and having a baby. We used to all live together in a large house I just bought at Christmas last year. The place we were living was extremely small for the 4 of us and our 4 kids. We were at each others throats. When we moved I had hope that things would get better.

We lived here 2 months before my husband and I could even sleep together. We went from sleeping together 2 nights a week to only 2 nights a month. Half of those nights we weren't even intimate. We "celebrated" our 10 year anniversary in July. He got me a nice box of candies but while he was there picked up his gf some candy as well. I also got a plaque with a sweet quote but it isn't about what I got. It is about the feelings and emotions. He promised me on our wedding night that he would give me a honeymoon for our 10 year. What I got was a dinner I paid for and a one handed foot rub while he watched tv and then passed out.

They had started trying to get pregnant in Dec of last year. My direct supervisor is my husbands gf. She is very mono and actually threw a fit one night when my husband finally decided to give me a night. He cried to me about how he should have slept with me the night before cause that's when she thought he was going to sleep with me. Now she is mad at him for being an ass. It broke my heart that after having to beg him for his time he would actually sit there and tell me how he has hurt her. I told him he should go cause that's where he really wanted to be. When she slammed the door and locked him out of his room all I could do was laugh and say have fun with that.

I kept trying to hold on to him and he didn't want anything to do with me. He kept saying if I start treating him nicer then he would start sleeping with me again. Every time I asked for examples of how I was being mean he couldn't think of anything. I asked them to move out and learned the same day that they were going to have a baby.

I still love him but I just don't think all of the pain and suffering is helping anyone. I'm sad that I'm not more upset about us splitting up. I think I did the right thing.
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