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Old 10-23-2012, 01:02 AM
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Default If I knew how to invest in the future without missing out on the present, I would.

From the MI area, and quite honestly? Taken aback by an ultimatum dropped on me the other night.

Well, long story short? I've been seeing a girl for a while, and I learned that the person she lives with is her boyfriend and that they're poly and such. They're both great people, and I get along with them just fine.

My concern is that I found this out a few months AFTER I had spent all that time with her. And as it turns out, she gets me better than anyone else I've ever been with has. We connect, I can be myself around her, and we share many common interests. I can honestly say I only have a couple common interests with any other people I know, (that being MANY, makes it that much more sad.)

So, the question is whether or not I just stay with this person and simply not think about her poly lifestyle? Or walk away from what could easily be a sure thing, if only because me being a product of my environment has me wired to not really feel comfortable with the concept? I don't want to be ignorant to her or her needs.
The laws change, but people's opinions never do.

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