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Old 10-16-2012, 08:19 AM
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Default A Difficult Situation

Hello there folks!
I'm kinda in a rough spot right now and I am not sure what to do.
I'll start from the beginning and I apologize for the length (and my poor grammar).

Everyone, including myself are in there mid 20's currently.

December of 2011, I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It was a hard breakup because he was cheating on me and I was very naive. Around the same time, my ex's friend had just had a really bad break up as well. I went over to his house the day after I broke up because he was having a rough time with his break up. We ended up talking things out and calming each other down from being very emotional.
January this year, I had just started to set my eyes on another guy that I was working a convention with but my ex's friend and I decided to go into a "fallback" relationship. We were there like a real relationship and supporting each other but we made a promise that if we saw that either one of us were doing better that our jobs were done.
June looked better for the both of us. Our promise was fulfilled and it was time to look for bigger fish in the sea. I still had my eyes on a friend from the convention I worked at. He was reconnecting with an old roommate.
July; Now being single for a while and he was together with an old roommate. It got me to think.

I'm still single and hoping for the guy from the conventions. (We work multiple conventions a year.) Hes together with his girlfriend.

The only problem is that... i'm still in love with him. I also like this other guy and dont want to just give up on him.

Hes in an open relationship because we do see each other occasionally but I dont know that his girlfriend knows. I dont want to mess up his relationship.

This is all one big mess in my head right now and I just need some direction. Should I talk to him about having an open poly relationship? (I know that poly relationships dont have to have all sides to like each other or connect.)

Anything will be a big help, Thank you!

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