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Old 10-14-2012, 06:13 PM
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Default Guys who shave... down there

I've trimmed for years then went to shaving. Shaving is not as bad as some think. It seems like a blade might shread your b***s, but it actually flys right over them believe it or not. Its best to let the shower running hot or warm water on the area to make is easier to shave. It was a pain in the ass though having to wait a couple days before you could shave next, at least I do cuz I have sensitive skin. Then I decided I wanted permanent so I tried Electrolysis. DONT DO IT! It hurts like a MOFO!!! Then 90 percent of it grew back. They say permanent! She said I needed about six or seven more treatments! Yeah right!!! This girl didn't know what she was doing except killing me and my wallet ($700.00) before I stopped. I think maybe she was a man hater. I love how I look shaved and I can't help not to look at myself and actually being turned on by it. It feels so much better and is so much cleaner.
Still being bent over being hairless I went for laser. Did my first one today! Cheaper, faster and a lot less painful. I don't even want to call it painful. Did my homework I read that it will take about six to eight treatments and maybe a touch up about once a year at about Seventy dollars per treatment. Other people I know that have done laser told me the same. I'll keep you all posted on my results! Oh yeah, I was pretty intimidated being worked on by someone but after the second treatment it was a cake walk because I wanted this for a long time. Since shaving I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Like I said girls who say they are not turned on by men shaving seem to change their minds if you are passionate about how you treat them during sex, and not being selfish is a major turn on no matter what.
My laser tech told me she does at least three men a day. Treatment is called Full Bikini or Brazillian (sounds a little queer huh?) They had to call it something. Not every place do men but several do. Just call around. Read ratings on YELP to help decide on where to go.
I live in the LA area
I"LL BE BACK......
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