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Old 10-09-2012, 03:43 PM
Mont1950 Mont1950 is offline
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Default Very New Here and looking for personal growth

I am new here and not at all poly. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am a student of life ( about to embark on the third version of my existence above ground) however and find the entire poly area more than just a little fascinating. I am married and really have no intention of becoming poly I really don't think I am wired that way. However, having said that; there is no way I want to "lose" my wife, I believe she is (the real deal) for me and if she were to suggest something I would have a very hard time dealing with it for I simply cannot live without her. I have much life experience having just (two days ago) celebrated my sixty second birthday. I have a better than cordial relationship with my x wife with whom I have one beautiful human being of a daughter who is all grown and living on her own for several years but not married and I have a great relationship with my step children, one girl and one guy, who have given us four grandchildren with certain complications to seeing one of the grandchildren.
I would respond to any and all questions and hope I bring a perspective that is reasonable and tinged with life experience, if anyone is interested to PM me or contact me in any way please feel free.
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Old 10-12-2012, 09:28 PM
LostInLove4 LostInLove4 is offline
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Default About me

Well I have posted a couple times already but I guess I should write a little bio for ya'll.

I am a 26 yr old woman in a long-term relationship with my high school sweetheart, a 28 yr old man that I refer to as Leaf. It will be our 10th anniversary on Feb 1, 2013. We started out as a monogamous couple and moved in together the summer after I graduated from high school, a year and a half into our relationship. We have been common-law ever since with no intention of marrying or starting a family.

When I was in college at the age of 21 we started talking about opening our relationship. We had friends who talked about their experiences with it and it seemed to fit with our morals and values. Also, we were each other's firsts (loves and lovers) and we wanted to give each other the freedom to test the waters with other people.

We have had casual encounters and flings but nothing serious outside of our relationship until about the month ago. Leaf met a girl in University and he has fallen madly in love with Flower over the last month.

We are just starting to navigate the path of polyamory and I am excited, terrified, and impressed with our courage.

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
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Old 10-16-2012, 08:39 PM
LeeALadybug LeeALadybug is offline
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Default Where's my "Hello, My Name Is..." Sticker?

Greetings and Salutations!

I'm new in almost every sense of the word. Just joined this site and am new to the polyamorous lifestyle. I have friends who are polyamorous and they definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities, but I figured getting other insight and perspectives would help expand my knowledge on the subject. I've known from an early age that I was bisexual, and learning about polyamory has really put me in touch with questions I've had about myself. I am in a relationship, and my fiance is exploring different ideals and has finally consented to expanding our relationship. The prospect has excited me immensely but just the same I figured it would be a good idea to look at a couple sites for advice and support.
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Old 10-22-2012, 06:53 PM
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I generally let my imagination do the driving, I have no filters. I am afraid of not having great success in my life. I like to dance, though generally only I can hear the music. I was born in TN suffered a life altering tragedy at 9 moved to NC then to Chicago then back to NC. I am not Proper Grammar.

I've yet to directly experience a poly lovestyle, and what little experience I have taught me that communication is key.

Currently I am in love with a wonderful woman who is so just so great and magical and we have briefly discussed experimenting sexually with other women and so far it doesn't look like this proposition is off the table, yet we have no clue how to go about exploring the possibilities. So I've joined the site with the hope that I may learn and move forward with all involved happy as clams.

Thank you,
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Old 10-23-2012, 05:49 PM
jai jai is offline
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Location: Clarksville TN
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Thank you and welcome to my world!I am not dominate nor submissives, my ladies and I are equals.I am Jai. I am a 38yrs old pansexual male. I am 5'8 blonde hair w/ a little gray, blue eyes average build. I have a few tattoos and had many piercings(i let mine close up). I come from a long line of perverts. I have been studying rope art(kinbaku) for about 25yrs. Never smoked anything or done any drugs, only drink occasionally. Born & raised Roman Catholic, after researching many religions, turned Mormon but fell away. Been married to the same wonderful woman(Maia Wonderstone) for 18 yrs in December. We met in Maine through an ex of mine. We met in August and married that Dec. Together we have hitchhiked from ME to CA over a 4 week period. After being homeless for about a year or so, we find out we are about to have our first child. We left CA and stopped in AZ for a bit. After our first was born (Destiny Temptingfire) we went back to being homeless, we didn't like society! Destiny was about a year old when we moved into a place and we found we were going to have our 2nd child(Jenna Sovereignbeat).After moving into a place, we found a companion who lived in our house and bed for many months. Our companion and my wife got pregnant at the same time,(i was a little scared..lol) but her child came out to look like her big black football playing boyfriend...Thank God! Jenna was a few months old and we were back on the road. We went to GA to visit some of Maia’s family. From there to VT to ME to VT again. After an amazing awesome summer in VT, we left heading to GA, as fate would have it we broke down in TN. We stayed here for a few years having people in and out our lives, but it seemed the people were too unstable to handle us. After one of the deployments ended, my wife and I lost our jobs(we were placeholders), we went back to ME for a few more years and Maia went into the Army. After she got hurt and was discharged we came back to TN to help her parents. After being back in TN for a few years we have found others who enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoy being with them. We have a polyamorous relationship with two other wonderful ladies that we love every much. They can handle our unique life and our weirdly, strangely, awesome life we live.My wife and i enjoy traveling a lot so we never stay in one state or place too long. In 19yrs together we have lived in 15 states and mover more than 50 times, before the army.Dislike, ignorant people, stupid loud mouths, know it alls that know nothing, racist and judgmental people.Likes, open minded non judgmental people, travel, rope art, kinbaku, animals, outside, camping, blades(knives/swords), my family, caramel, coffee, dragons, mystical and mythical things,
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Old 10-26-2012, 10:53 PM
polymale polymale is offline
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My name is Bruce. I live in New York City.

I am in a gay male 3-way relationship which is 100% open and honest. Zero jealousy, and 100% honesty, is our rule.

My initial partner and I have been together for 17 years next month.... and...

Our new third partner has joined us only 7 weeks ago.... on September 10, 2012.

This is our first real polyamorous relationship.... but we believe it will last.

Looking for interesting tips and advice on dealing with the unique situation of three lovers living together, and spending their lives together.
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Old 10-31-2012, 10:17 PM
Witch Witch is offline
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Default Is this too much for an intro? haha :)

Hello all!

I am a 23 year old bi female. Currently married to wonderful husband of 3 years. We've discussed polyamory since the beginning, even before dating. Only now has it gotten serious. Right now he is seeking out a new relationship, and I am waiting. I have been comfortable with polyamory since I've started dating, struggling with societal ideas, and my own feelings. Thanks to the wonderful internet and an encounter with a very successful quad, raising kids and everything for 20 plus years, I quickly learned and developed my own feelings of polyamory. I believe in open, honest relationships. I believe cheating is very much the same as it is in monogamous relationships. Cheating means breaking the rules to me, and polyamory isn't a buffet of sex. It's a lifestyle choice that has its own challenges and rewards, and takes just the same amount of strength as it does with anything else in someones life. I don't believe in DADT relationships, I make no judgments with those who have them, but its a personal choice for me and it is one of my boundaries. I am waiting to seek out new relationships, mainly because my husband is still new to this idea. He really likes the idea but he is always worried about how I'm going to feel. He doesn't want to freak possible interests out(I guess he might be afraid of rejection) and he doesn't want to play games with people. He doesn't seem to worried about how he'll handle polyamory himself, he mainly seems to worry about everyone elses feelings. Which I found adorable, cause he is such a sweet caring man and makes me love him all the more. So until he gets his "feet wet" I'm happy waiting and supporting him. I constantly tell him if he doesn't feel comfortable with polyamory I am perfectly happy with being just mono with him, again he has no qualms with the idea, he's just worried about me and anyone else who comes along.

I am quite excited to see my husband get a new dynamic in his life, and see it added to mine. <--Don't get me wrong, I am excited to have a metamour, not a triad, though I am open to that too. LOL My poly-curious husband is an absolute doll, and I find him so adorable with his curiosity. It's cute cause it's almost like he's a 3 year old looking back at his mom going "Are you absolutely SURE this is okay. O.O"

Super excited about getting to know you guys! It's a bit more difficult to come out open IRL right now. Our closest friends know but its not like we have our facebooks/myspaces ect w/e all liek HEY WE WANTS YOU hahaha. So I'm happy to have found such an active group of people to discuss and share experiences with.
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Old 11-03-2012, 02:50 AM
shallei shallei is offline
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i'm Shallei. 26 from california. Im currently single and looking to talk and explore poly. I previously restrained my need to be with more than one person, after my last mono relationship and taking 2 years to myself i finally decided to quit placing restrictions on myself and be in a relationship that i want.

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Old 11-03-2012, 12:56 PM
paejaq paejaq is offline
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Default Bi married male

I am male, married and bi (although moving gradually away from my gay side).
During the week, due to the distance between home and work, I stay away and live/work on my own.
Living on my own during the week, being responsible for my place (all cleaning, all cooking for one...) is tiring and costly. Sometimes, it is soul destroying.
In an ideal world, my family could live together and close to work. This is not going to happen.
But I would love to join others and form a relationship, maybe with an established polyamourous couple or group, so that I would have 2 "homes".
BTW my wife is aware of my gay side and the fact that I have met other people. She herself has, occasionally, been with other people during our relationship but none of these "affairs" have been long term.
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Old 11-04-2012, 07:49 PM
faithfulkitty faithfulkitty is offline
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Smile me and tribe run down

wow been reading the intros and i have to admite i feel like the old pro compared with some.

I am 34 yr old female cuently in an M sort of. I have been in and out of poly relationships for 21 yrs now. i have either had a poly relationship or no rrelationship i am not built to be only in love with one person. I am bi. though I have only meet 5 or 6 women I was interested in having a relationship with. i joke I'm not confused I'm greedy.

let see history firsat relationship was a group of about 20 all older then me so by just a few years and some by quite a lot. the Alpha of that pack was 8 yrs older then me and i was still a young teen so their were many many probllems in that relationship including his abuse of most of the others and just a constent struggle with in his pack for status. trust me pack is the proper term for that group they had a lot of infighting and controle isues and you could put the voice over or any documentry on wolves as the sound track for them. so ater about 3 and a half years i got out. thank you friends for helping me see the light. (like i said it was an abusive situation in every way possible)

next i was a spoke on a wheel or my best friend he had about 7 girlfriends other then me. I think only 3 of us new their were others and i might of been the only one who new of all the others. we broke up because i wasn't comfortable abouut his lies to the others and well it was just strange to date your best friend.

then came 4 years of being single and just uninterested in any relationships. I still had issues i was working through from the first group but i knew i didn't want to be just part of a couple. I wanted to find a nice loving non-abusive group i could spend the rest of my life as part of. during those 4 years i had maybe 10 first dates but never more as noone seemed to gel and well the Alpha from group 1 was sort of stalking me. So I was really scared of getting into another relationship. Plus i was trying to finish college and start a carree plus i was helping take care of my very ill grandfather.

It wasn't untill my grandfather died and i was seeing a counsler that i decided i needed to figure out what i wanted. so i went on line joined a few groups and chat rooms and lurked. then one night Fuzzybull said hi we started chating and then talking on the phone. then 2 months later we met for our first date. he brought his wife her wife and child stayed home. 5 months later i moved 5 hrs away from everyone i had ever know to move inwith them. I have since added a husband and between us all we have 5 living children we have lost 2. we live in 2 houses because 1 isn't big enough to hold 10 people. we would need 2 kitchens and at least 7-8 bedrooms and baths. just not economically in our cards right now. love my life we are a stable group that occasionally has dating in people, but i think for the most part we are all happy with the current arangment .

children are ages boy#1 12, boy#2 10, boy#3 8, Girl 4, boy#4 almost 2 and we are thinking we are done. though if we added in another few lines and maybe more kids we would all be ok with it as well. I actually would love it but not sure if the guys would love it.

it is funny cause fuzzy bull his wife and her wife are all signiicantly older then me and my legal husband. but this time it all feels right. I am extreamly lucky in my life no matter what the problems may be 'cause i have the best support system in the world.
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