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Old 09-07-2012, 06:08 AM
alteredstates174 alteredstates174 is offline
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Default hello!

Hello all! I am here in hopes to talk to like minded individuals. Normally I would just lurk but I have trouble finding information on my specific situation. I am 22 and have a girlfriend of 3 years and a newer girl over the internet just recently. I wish everyone the best and want to be an active part of this community.
Thank you
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Old 09-07-2012, 07:58 AM
Lor Lor is offline
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Location: Houston, TX
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Ello All,

My name is Lor, I am a demipansexual, and currently in a poly relationship with three wonderful men. We refer to ourselves as the foundation, although I'm not sure how common this is seeing how we don't know many other poly people. We live in Houston, TX and not currently seeking other partners but open to the idea, although, we prefer men.

I'm not sure how to classify my experience with poly but if forced to put a label I'd say expert. I think. I've only ever had polyamorous relationships and one monogamous. The mono relationship I found boring, boring, boring, boring, and did I mention boring?

I am not an outgoing person by nature but with my career I've sort of blossomed into the role when need be. I prefer to stay at home and write my delicious man on man books and ask my men to act out scenes for me. It's purely research, I swear. Accuracy and all. Accuracy. I do enjoy going out for the occasional dance night and drunken debotury in the restroom.

I learned to ride horses at the age of six and still ride them today although now I own two. Animals are a key part in my life and I love all of mine dearly.

As to anything else about me I'm not really sure what to say so if you've any questions feel free to ask.
With Affection,

Twitter: @Lor_Rose9009
Website: LorRose.com
Personal Blog: The Lor of Rose
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Old 09-07-2012, 03:43 PM
Solitare Solitare is offline
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We are a happily married couple of 26 years, we are in our late 40's. So far we have only talked about adding a 3rd party, and I suppose we will be asking another female to join us. What we are looking for is a girlfriend for us both to date, and maybe later be a second wife (but not married. I don't know the correct term right now). Its probably gonna be tough to find someone we both click with, I'm the one who needs to have a bond first. He loves women, thinks they are the greatest thing since peanut butter . He has no preference, he finds something he likes about all of them.
We are both straight but are willing to try something new. He has the usual mens fantasy of 2 women together and I'm willing, so no problem there. We both look at women, I point them out to him and vise versa.
The problem is just finding someone right now. We're not much into the group things, and we have to be careful because things like this is not done in our social group.
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Old 09-14-2012, 11:20 PM
NewLeaf NewLeaf is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Asheville, NC
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Default Hey and hello

Hi, I'm Picottee from Asheville, NC. I've been in some sort of open relationship for much of my life, which is long. I'm finding the "newspeak" interesting and sometimes strange. Years ago we just forged our arrangements one at a time with the rules being between the participants and little formal language.

I'm currently in what I call "transparent relationship" with three men, which means that they all know what they need and want to know about each other. Otherwise I live alone and am happy that way. Because I've been what you now call poly for so long, I passed the point of angst many years ago. I have a jubilant nature and love easily and am enjoying this exploration in my later years.
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Old 09-17-2012, 01:46 AM
Keeke Keeke is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: New Orleans
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Default Hello Everyone

My name's Keeke, I'm in the New Orleans area. I joined the group to exchange communication with like-minded people. I am currently in a long-term relationship of three years. While I have always considered myself poly, only recently have I returned to my romantic roots. My primary on the other hand is still trying to understand the dynamics of the poly lifestyle and cope with the difference between it and swinging.

I am bi-sexual, grabbing my attention begins with the mind. I'd love to make new friends, explore the myriad of possibilities of free love, as I see it. I look forward to growing in the group and getting to know you better.
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Old 09-21-2012, 02:02 PM
fjarilen fjarilen is offline
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Location: Gerogia
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Default Hi

Hi. I am really new to this, so please forgive my awkwardness. Up until two months ago I was a single mother of three trying to move forward, and utterly miserable in my singleness. Then I met a couple. I have never thought about poly anything (except what you would expect in catholic school). Now I find myself as a "second primary" in a Vee. ( I am pretty sure that's the right terminology). Now I am trying desperately to catch up. My boyfriend and his girlfriend have been doing this for a while, but it's hard to ask question after question feeling like you should already understand.
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Old 09-25-2012, 03:18 PM
lanniesgirl lanniesgirl is offline
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Red face sept. 25,2012

hi i am new to this so bare with me...im machelle 36 and married to wonderful man, Lannie 40 . i am bisexual and my hubby is good with that. we have talked about adding a second wife to our lives since before we were married 3yrs ago. we are very open,honest and we share every thing togather. i have always wanted a husband and a wife. we are simple people but but dont get me wrong..we are freaks in the bedroom ! lol we both have very sexual apitites and love to play. were are also fun loving and looking to add a special lady who wants to be an equal in our lives, hopefully for a permanent long term relationship. we live in a small town in central okla. so its not easy to find like minded ladies! we are still looking..still hoping to find her!
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Old 09-29-2012, 02:49 PM
NewPerspective NewPerspective is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Toronto
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Hello everyone,

I'm very new to the poly amorous lifestyle. My boyfriend and I have talked about it a lot and I joined here to learn more about it. My ideal situation would be to have two boyfriends that I could possibly live with and see other men in terms of dating/lovers but I'm open to anything that comes my way.
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Old 10-03-2012, 07:57 AM
tree166 tree166 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Upstate NY
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Default Hi there

30 year old bi female, in a poly relationship of 3 years with my boyfriend. I'm currently not attached outside of my primary relationship, by boyfriend has newly found a secondary. I'd really love for us to date a woman together, but sadly we have very different standards. Just here looking for some support and solidarity.
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Old 10-04-2012, 05:54 PM
InquiringOne InquiringOne is offline
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Default InquiringOne


I'm 41, a male hetero, who has been married for 15 years with two great kids, a boy and a girl. Here Looking for advice on how to successfully open up a monogamous marriage. I have been open to an open relationship for a long time and have just a little bit of experience being somewhat involved with an open couple before being married, my wife does not have any such experience.

I am considering going to counseling with her for this and to deal with some smaller issues. We actually have a very good relationship in most aspects and I want to do this now because we are at a strong point. This is not a last ditch effort to save the marriage, though I will say that from my point of view monogamy has made me less happy in some crucial areas which I no longer want to put off as unable to be salvaged. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with going through counseling in specific.

All aspects of moving from mono to open and/or poly would be great to hear about. Thanks.

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