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Old 09-27-2012, 04:07 AM
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Default New here

I found this site while looking for actual polygamist sites rather than polyamory sites, as I am in a polygamist marriage (husband & 3 wives). Maybe my search parameters were off but I believe everything happens for a reason, thus, me finding this community. I do not believe in polyamory (maybe I have the wrong defiinition), so maybe this site will educate me on polyamory vs. polygamy. Though if it is not in line with our beliefs, I probably won't post much, if at all.

I am pretty much a live and let live, to each his/her own, kind of person. I do have a strong belief in polygamy/polygany and polyamory is a whole different creature.

We are not religious or religion based polygamists. We all believe our Husband to be the Highest Power and submit to him, all 3 of us. We would have it no other way. Our children, likewise, are subserveant to us and our Husband. Thus, we have a fabulous bunch of children, well behaved and respectful as they should be.

I could go on and on here but it is late and I must be up early. I will make a profile and add more there.

May our paths crossing enrich us all.

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