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Old 09-21-2012, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by SkylerSquirrel View Post
I have a related question. What do you call a person who identifies as androgynous, but is only attracted to one gender?
When I was young, I had trouble with the concept of heterosexuality and homosexuality. I found them extremely complicated and could never remember which I was. To determine one or the other, you need A) your gender or sex, B) the gender or sex of the people you're attracted to and C) to compare them to check if they're the same or opposites.
Way too many steps for me! I also didn't see how a gay female and a gay male could be put in the same category, when they didn't share a gender and didn't like the same people, or each other. Basically it seemed to me they had nothing in common!

So I used androphile to describe myself a lot. Androsexual would have worked too, though. Gynophile or gynosexual for someone attracted to females. In everyday contexts, I find easier to just say "I like guys".

This way you don't have the paradox of saying you're straight (implying you're female, when you're not) or gay (implying you're male, when you're not).

EDIT: saw that you added a new question. A trans woman who like males is straight, just like a cis woman who likes males would be.

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