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Old 12-13-2009, 07:57 AM
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Default If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere

Despite however else anyone's using this Life Stories and Blogs section of the site, I've made the executive decision this is how I'm going to use it.... I hereby decree this thread my "journal" on this forum, so this is the thread you'll see me add life updates to and whatnot.

Feel free to jump in any any time if you spot something interesting I've said and want to ask questions, offer encouragement, insight, or just want to say hi.

So, I guess the best place to start would be an introduction... because hell, might as well.

I'm Nikkiana. I'm 25. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. In June 2009, I relocated to Brooklyn, NY to take a job in Manhattan. I've identified as poly since September 2008, though I had identified as non-monogamous prior to that... but that's a story for later. I've been married to a fellow for 3 years that I've been involved with for 7. I knit a lot. I make websites for a living. My drink of choice is Bulliet Bourbon.

My cast of characters:

DH - My husband (the abbreviation is for Dear Husband). He's currently an unemployed (but looking) nerd who likes video games and a bit of a hobbyist engineer.

Dino - The would be boyfriend if he wasn't long distance. Was my boyfriend from February 2009 - September 2009, we decided that an official LD relationship wasn't what either of wanted, but we're still very close and when we're together not platonic. I don't imagine it will be like this forever, but for now it's lovely. We met originally on OKC.

JD - My best friend, FWB and neighbor. We met online originally because we worked for the same company (everyone worked from home), and kept in touch even after we moved on. Then worked together at two more companies. He moved to NYC the month before I did, when I subletted where I lived was within 2 blocks of his sublet. When it was time to find our own apartments, we ended up getting apartments that are less than 500 ft apart door to door.

Orange - Bluntly, he was a one night stand of the best sex I have ever had (and my first introduction to BDSM) that turned into a good friend. He's worth mentioning because he's awesome.

The other important factoid that's not worth a huge drawn out explanation right now: the move to Brooklyn occurred incrementally. I moved in June with two suitcases full of stuff so I could start my job. DH didn't move until September. I spent June - September going back and forth between NYC and NH.

So, that's where we'll start. I'll probably have something more interesting to share when I'm not being beckoned to go crash for the night.
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