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Old 09-15-2012, 11:52 PM
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Default need some advice, newer relationship

very Recently our relationships have become sexual after two months of being in the relationship. We will call the members of our group S, J and C. C is my wife, S Is my so, J is my friend who is dating my wife and is maried to S. Right now my wife C thinks the idea of me and S together is hot, J is more ok with the sex than cuddling and kissing in the living room because the bedroom is out of sight out of mind. It feels a little weird to me but I am handing everything well and very much enjoy my time with S. S was very excited about it at first but after a couple of times she is now having issues with thinking of C and J together, and is now thinking of talking to the group and asking for a break from the sex until she can be more comfortable with it. I feel that if we take a break and continue later the same feelings will surface because nothing will be different and it will give her more time to psych herself out. The sex is not important to me. I love every minute of my time with S cuddling and talking, but still feel a break would not be beneficial to how she feels about the sex.

Does anyone have any input, or shared a similar experience? What helped calm the nerves?
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