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Old 09-14-2012, 06:50 PM
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My gaming started a couple years after Nintendo came out. I was given $5 allowance and my friend's parents would take us to the local mall and I'd spend it all on Space Invaders and pinball machines. I was given a Gameboy when it first came out and Tetris...it was all over. Over the course of the first 6 months I had it, the money we spent on batteries could've bought at least another Gameboy. Dr. Mario, Metroid II and Zelda were also in heavy rotation. I eventually convinced my parents to get me a Nintendo. All I had on it were Super Mario Bros and Duckhunt (that damn dog's laugh haunts me to this day...lol) were my main games.

I saved up enough money to buy a Super Nintendo outright and my parents bought the game package of Super Mario 1, 2 & 3 (all in one cartridge) and Zelda (again...lol) are the games jumping out at me at the moment. I remember getting SOOOO excited when they came out with the conversion cartridge that allowed me to play Gameboy games on the SNES.

Then we got a computer...a Packard Bell (which no longer exists) with Windows 95 and companies were still coming out with games for DOS. The 3 games I started with (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Koshan Conspiracy) were all DOS-based and the computer HATED DOS. After much trial-and-error, I eventually created a boot disk so I could play them without having to reformat & reload drivers (which was at least a 2-day project back then).

From that point on, it was mostly RPG's and First-Person Shooters on the computer. I still had one foot in console gaming, though. We opted for the Nintendo-64 instead of the Playstation, and I played mostly either Mario 64, Super Smash Bros Vol 2, or Zelda. Notable PC games were Duke Nukem, Unreal Tournament (LOTS of all-night LAN parties in college with this one), Diablo (I & II), Fallout series, Quake II Arena, Ultima Online, Heretic, and there's countless others that I can visualize it but can't think of the title. When I had high-speed internet at home, I found a torrent with all the music from Diablo II...lol. Took me a while to find it, but this also means SOMEone spent all the time to pull the music from the game! lol

I had a PS2, and I remember being confused with the new button setup, being used to letter disignations. I played mostly NHL games, Guitar Hero (1 & 2), Final Fantasy 10, GTA III (which I would just waste time driving around & no quests...lol), and a racing game by Atari in which I could play pong while it loaded (the title escapes me).

I'm at the point where I play games incessantly for about 4~6 months then take about 2 months off. I have a PS3, and the games I have are NHL 11, Skyrim, LA Noire, and FF 13.

I don't have internet at home, so no gamer tags for my PS3.
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