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Old 09-07-2012, 05:11 PM
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This past week has gone quite well, with only one hiccup.

I did add some amendments to our relationship agreement be discussed this weekend. Which included prior knowledge of love interests before it becomes sexual, safer sex, and "hall passes" for special events. We also created a shared google calendar, which is used to keep track of our mutually shared time, and time spent with other love/sexual interests.

My partners have been rather hot and heated over a friendship of which my male partner does not feel comfortable with our female partner pursuing. He has some past issues with the gentleman in question, and is rather inflexible on reevaluating the situation, even though ten years have passed. There's not much I can offer them in the way of advice as I have only met this person once, and very briefly at that.

I feel much more at ease now with my relationship (s), this has been quite the learning lesson.
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