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Old 09-06-2012, 02:20 AM
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Default New in every sense of the word!


I am a just turned 19 yr old woman. Before meeting my now bf (S, 41yrs) and being introduced to the term polyamorous I believed I was a "cheater", he has helped me to understand that there is no problem with me I am just not wired right for a monogamous relationship at this time.

Not only am I new to being poly (the idea is still quite foreign and scary to me) but I am new to just about everything this kind of life entails it would seem.

My partner has been poly for a few years and has 1 other gf at the moment. None of us live together as they both have children living with them and I frequently have my much younger brother and sisters come to stay. Because of a massive blowup with a now ex gf and the other current gf (G), G and I have not met yet and probably will not for quite some time. The children in each house have varying understandings of what the situation is (e.g. His kids know about having multiple gfs and know names but my brother only knows about him).

I am having a lot of difficulty wrapping my head around this relationship. I am surprisingly quite ok with the set up of our relationship and how often he sees both of us (every second weekend none of us have kids around, she has 1 night I have another and we see him during the week as well as none of us work). At first the age gap was an issue especially with my parents but now the main issue we have is experience. I have mainly only had one night stands before S and I am finding that I feel extrememly inexperienced and out of my depth when he and I talk about what we would like to try. I know a lot of this comes down to communication and we have both identified this as something we need to work on.

I did hours of research before I broached the subject of me being poly too not mono and S was very happy with the idea not having a problem with me finding a bf or gf for both of us or just me.

I know everyone has their own ways of setting up their relationships but I'm just wondering if anyone knows of some sites or threads that can help me get my head around all of this?

Sorry it's so long! Hope I put it in the right place!!
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