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Old 09-02-2012, 02:19 PM
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Default Pondering sexual love & religion

My family is "service" centric. Priests, nuns, teachers, navel men.... Leaders, yes but always service oriented, grateful to help growth (spiritually, mentally, for man & country....). Everything discussed openly, even sex, but "straight" married sex (the objective being babies or his pleasure, never hers - I'm female)
One or two ventured out, we're gossiped about endlessly, as we aged, we differed off into our own lives, scattering about the country...
We each rebuilt our families, with friends, some having children, some married, all divorced.... Nuclear is the term I suppose.....
Within each of them, I know, is the same thing within me, and I suspect within all of you: The need to be loved in a way we understand

Within the religions I know/read (catholic, judaism, Baha'i, muslim...), all indicate a "requirement" of "worship" (now focus less on the word worship than the sentiment behind; admire, revere, loving actions, etc)...
If we show our love to our "god" (in which ever way you believe in a power/energy), through our actions, our words.....
Why is it so difficult to have a similar relationship on earth with another human....
If we can love "god" and "one"...... (and traditionally, that one + me = 3)
And all love comes from the same place within....
And is, apparently, limitless....
And we're at 3 limitless loves minimum in our traditional equation,
Is it not logical that poly exist, and can exist lovingly & well, for all parties?
Should it not be openly discussed, happily, lovingly.... without shame, scorn or judgement
Should we not worship love in all it's forms?

Yes, yes, I know, logic/paper/math have nothing to do with the insides of a persons emotional being. Yes, yes, I know the emotional "cluster-f$&ks" are endless (excuse my language)....
But if love heals all wounds.....

I'm in la-la-land aren't I.....
Thoughts & feedback welcome :-)
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