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Old 08-30-2012, 10:53 PM
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Being their anniversary, perhaps arrange a time afterwards, so they can have a nice day without worry?

As for outlining things, best to write down all of your needs, wants and limitations. Each of you need to clearly explain everything. Writing it down makes it easier to come back to and re-read.

Storm and I just did this recently, so that we can come back to our notes and remember what we requested of each other.

I know it may seem silly or weird to write it down, but if it is in black and white, you all will have no reason to say "I forgot" or "I didn't know" - it's written and talked about, so it is available any time anyone needs a reminder.

Storm and I are planning on writing out our personal Poly rules to post on a board in our living room. This is easy for us to go over, and any potentials/lovers will be able to see what our "house" rules are ("house" covering our home, our minds and our bodies). This is just a way that things can be seen and remembered.

As an example, we both feel the need to be friends first, before anything romantic can happen. Also, we like to meet the other person, so we: 1. Know who we are seeing outside of our relationship (comfort zone as well as safety, should anything untoward happen); 2. Clearly explain to the other person that this is a mutual agreement in our relationship (being poly); and 3. Have the other person see what our rules are and understand what our limits, as a couple, are (ex. no unprotected sex of any kind, including oral; no outsiders in our bed; no over nights until a minimum of 3-6 dates [or however many it takes, we've not concluded this as of yet], etc).
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