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Old 08-30-2012, 12:52 AM
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Default I am lonely and can't make opposite sex friends whatsoever

Hello, need some help here please...I am very depressed.

I am 37 yo, in a LTR and my SO is willing to accept some openeness in my relationship as long as there is friendship and knowledge of the situation.

Now, while I just can't go and pick up girls randomly for dates, it was suggested that I made female friends and include them in my relationship slowly.

Now I am realizing that the vast majority of the girls I meet do not maintain the relationship.

I have tried to initiate friendships with over 10 girls in the past year and most of them don't really stick..except 1 or 2 maybe but barely.

I am very polite, respectful, like to have fun, good manners and never insist or act needy.

I am very well groomed and have a good job etc..but feel that either they don't want me as a friend or don't like my GF.

So how the hell does anyone make opposite sex friends? I am totally clueless.

I am lonely and need new friends since my relationship was a vacuum, for too long and most of the friends in the couple are tied to my GF.

I already have a few guy friends that are busy and I see once in a while but I really want to ramp up my opposite sex friendship base.

Please help!

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