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Old 08-23-2012, 05:50 AM
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Well, Petal has all but stopped talking to me. She won't respond to me when we're in group chat, nor to anything I post on FB. I am thinking maybe I should remove her from FB or something, because it's weird being ignored like this.

After spending 2 hours chatting with Music on Skype, he informed me he is on the verge of formally ending it with her. He's discovered that she is saying how "disgusted" she is about his physical appearance to everyone but him. He's pissed about it, since she's also gained weight over the last 5 years.

We've been discussing hanging out more (Storm, Music and I), so that the men can become friends, and we can all be comfortable with the V relationship. I would love for both men to be friends. They don't need to be best buds or anything, but friends with mutual respect would be a good fit

Oh! Storm is on the phone, right now, with a woman I know, it's not much, but this is the first step for him, the first woman interested in getting to know him I am so proud I could burst! I hope it all goes well, he's been chatting for nearly an hour

Music and I are planning a date end of the month, beginning of September. Depends on if we have the money to meet. I may take the bus out there for a bit, if things are ok (meaning if Petal is no longer there, as it would be awkward and not polite on my part to visit while they are not in a good place). Otherwise he will come out here. Storm helps me to plan out dates, what to do that's cheap or free, where to go for star gazing and snuggling, etc. I'm glad he's so supportive! He really is an amazing man <3

We lost a few pets this week My guinea pig died, then my mouse, and on Saturday we have to send my Golden Retriever puppy back to the breeder. We're slowly cutting down on pets, though we've had 8 die in the past year alone. It's getting sad.
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