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Old 08-20-2012, 09:41 PM
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Default update on how often to communicate

Ok, I had posted previously to get input on how often to communicate with a secondary or "other significant relationship." We did have a good discussion and set some things that I felt good about. I really have overcome my insecurities and felt more confident in our relationship until now. He is very moody, inconsistent and I'm having trouble keeping up. For example, at times he seems like he wants to go out, hit a bar, go dance and then other times he doesn't want to go out or do anything for weeks. Weird to me. I know he is getting over his separation (6 months now) but it is alot to take. He doesnt' want to be exclusive and is has a girlfriend (primary) but told her he will date others and doesn't want anything that will be long term for now. She is struggling with this and keeps pushing him to be exclusive. She lives 3 hours away so now he is spending every other weekend with her, 3 whole days. Or she comes here and spends the whole weekend. So I guess this is how its going to be. Very limited window of time to see him. He doesn't see it. I hadn't heard from him since last Wed. I am trying so friggin hard to be patient but its killing me. I emailed him friday early and he never responded til this afternoon. This makes me nuts, I've been harboring so much anger at this lack of responsiveness especially when I really share personal feelings in an email and he at times will not even respond at all. Since he didn't have the consideration to let me know when he got back last night (we agreed to let each other know the night before what the next days plans would be) I refused to text, email or call him. He finally responded by email today. I asked him if he could come over for dinner. No response all day then he says no he's too tired and had been napping. I texted that he doesnt have time for me and I'm tired of his no responsiveness. guess what?? no response still. I am not sure I can be with someone who does not consider my feelings and respond to emails or follow through with agreements. I'm beyond pissed.
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