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Old 08-17-2012, 07:51 PM
GalaGirl GalaGirl is offline
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Again, maybe you cannot find it because you know what you want in the gut, but haven't brought it out of your brain on to paper.

If you cannot express what you seek, how can anyone sign up? Nobody is a mind reader.

Hi, my name is scubadiver1.

I am recently divorced.
I am X years old and work as a X.
I have / do not have kids/pets.
My interests are scuba and _____.

I am currently looking for a relationship that will
  • provide me with sex
  • could lead to a long term, serious thing
  • It could be monogamous -- like me and you
  • It could be polyfidelity in the shape of a triad or "V" arrangement.
    • I would be/not be willing to be one of the end points
    • I would be/not be willing to be the hinge
      While poly friendly I would NOT want it to come in the shape of (what? poly tangles? Same sex? Age gap bigger than 50 years?)

C'mon dude. You can do it. Read, learn, and then learn to spit it out so you can shop at the right places with your offer of "Relationship with Scuba!"

If you need others to help you figure it out, spit it out. Nobody is going to judge you.

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