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Old 08-15-2012, 04:42 AM
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Default Advice needed - open marriage, want poly relationship

OK, here’s my situation. Sorry this is a long post … would love some real advice.

Last month I started my first poly relationship since my wife and I decided to approve of being open. (We had hinted at it in the past, or that it was not a big deal, but my only other experiences have been a one-night stand and making out with someone who wouldn’t go further since I am married …)

I’ve always known I want more in the way of relationships, good friendships, sexy friendships, and maybe just sex. I’ve also always had a side of me that is open to different lifestyles. I guess I didn’t expect to really explore it. When my wife would hint at having sexual variety, I wasn’t quite approving (her: artist working odd hours, making little money, attractive; me: shy, working hard at the office to pay our bills … you get the picture). I thought I had to try first to see if things would work out for me.

My marriage relationship has gone thru good periods and bad, good times and times when we struggled with job stress, my wife’s depression (several years ago) which has resolved into her being a “temperamental artist,” etc. Right now it seems things are getting better.

Two years later and while she is away for a month, I have a better job, much less stress in my life, I am exercising and I learn to be less shy, meet a few girls (just dancing and making out at this point) hanging out with friends. When she gets back we talk about it and decide we can seek “variety” if we want. She enthusiastically puts up an online ad (OK, I already had one for about a year …) We even talk about going to a swingers club. I want to discuss and set some rules, she simply thinks it should be “don’t ask, don’t tell.” I let her know I am looking more for a “friend with benefits” than one-night stands. This makes sense to me – I am an INFP personality and need to connect with people, and the girls who like me are generally looking for someone who is nice, cute, not a one-night-stand type.

A few months later I meet someone I really like – and who really likes me! – online. We have a couple of amazing sexual encounters and spend the next day having brunch, walking, shopping. I have a great time. I haven’t had to tell my wife, because I often see music with friends and stay overnight at their place. But after the second night, I say, “Well, actually I wasn’t at my friend’s place …” She says she knew, gives me a high five, asks me a couple questions, and says of course she’s not mad, and by the way she’s done it too. (Typical guy, I had no idea … but did suspect I guess). Later, though, she says, “well, if your relationship with her lasts more than three months, let me know so I can be ready for you to leave me.”

She then tells me I and my friend are not following “the rules” which include no overnight stays, limiting conversation and hanging out time, and moving to a new partner if we get attached. A couple days later she became even more direct, saying I shouldn't see other people anymore, that open relationships aren't good. She says she won't snoop but that she'll know if I see someone. At one point she says if I need to do it, I should switch partners. My wife tells me a bit about her previous meetings (unclear if it was one or more than one) but doesn’t want to tell me any details b/c although the sex was great, she felt bad, did it because she felt I wasn’t listening to her, and felt I’d get jealous. I’m quite surprised (coming from my wife who just 2 weeks before openly told me she’d like to be with two guys at once) and work hard at spending quality time together – realizing this is what had been missing for a few months. Since then our relationship is good, we go on dates, communicate, have good sex, and I am cooking and taking care of her and things happy at home. ☺

Looking back I realize I broke my wife’s desire to not ask and not tell and she realized I really like my new friend … my feelings and what I’ve read online seem to indicate open communication is important. I felt it was respectful. My wife OTOH feels that being discreet is respectful b/c you spare the other’s feelings. This may be partly cultural – my wife is not American and her culture would value being discreet. Looking at our reactions, I can see my wife is most afraid of me becoming attached to another. I OTOH am more comfortable if she were with a friend than meeting a random stranger for sex.

So … few weeks later I am still seeing my friend. We really like each other, and aside from the first couple weeks I don’t feel conflicted – it’s like having two great relationships, my wife primary but my friend important. Friend is also very open to poly lifestyle. We manage to arrange an overnight once a week and maybe another date just hanging out (I travel for work and wee friends a good bit). Quality time with my wife is great and my new relationship has reminded me of what its like to be romantic with my wife of 11 years. I can’t imagine not living a poly lifestyle …

The thing is, the closest I got to getting approval from my wife after telling me not to do it anymore was, “well, if you need to do it, change partners.” After this we haven’t really talked about it. She told me she wouldn’t snoop but she’d know. I am still assuming “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the way to go but won’t bring it up.

What to do?
First, I really like my current friend. Having her in my life has really made me happy and actually its improved my marriage both emotionally and sexually.
Second, I can’t imagine being purely monogamous for the rest of my life. and I’ll probably not want to “swing” primarily for brief sexual encounters.
And third … I need to be discreet which makes things difficult, but manageable for now. I know I should feel bad about fibbing, but I know this is what my wife did when she met someone(s) (or she waited 'til I was out of town or out with friends) and she told me she values/prefers being discreet.

I know now isn’t the right time to talk about it – perhaps in a few months/years when I know out relationship has been very good for some time? Do I continue to assume my wife simply wants me to be discreet and not let my activities interfere with our lives? I’ve also thought about suggesting my wife and I go to a swingers’ club together so she can see I won’t get jealous. I think I’d like for things to be more open but not sure how to proceed…

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