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Old 08-10-2012, 10:10 PM
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Entry #6

I had a crazy amazing date with S. Not wickedly wild, but just great. We talked for hours, kissed and fondled a bit. Watched the shooting stars and talked more. We asked each other a lot of blunt, honest questions and each replied with honesty. I feel a real connection with him, and we both agreed to keep pursuing this relationship.

G had a pretty harsh evening. P told him she does not want a relationship with him, because of his stomach. She told him that if he works hard, loses weight; she might be willing to give him a chance in another year. Fat chance, pun intended. G saw her true light and realized how shallow she is. She spent the entire night bashing S and asking G if he knew what S and I were doing. They eventually quit chatting, and he was in a pissy mood (who wouldnít be?).

I got home at nearly 5AM (5 hours later). G seemed to be in an angry mood (I assumed he was upset that this date may have been sexual). He told me all that P had said to him, how she kept giving him ďthreads of hopeĒ, and just outright bashed S the entire time.

We had a very long discussion, as he did not want me to be around S (thinking P was talking absolute truth about him). I explained what we talked about, how he was, his emotional state and what we decided about our feelings for each other (definitely on the way to a full on loving relationship, just taking it slow so we donít muck up our lives). It really opened Gís eyes that S can be a wonderful person, once he lets down the Bravado faÁade. He and G are very similar in their emotional needs and wants (and physical, haha). They have different interests (G is tech-inclined, S is artsy, like me).

But anyways, I decided to tell G what happened (he asked for details, S was fine with me telling G). G became so happy for me, and relished sharing my afterglow and NRE. We talked for a good 4 hours and cuddled. I still havenít slept

But, G wants me to continue with S, as long as I feel it is something I want. He is so happy seeing me enjoying going out on dates, sharing common interests and just enjoying the new sexual energy and intimacy. He is in agreement that he wants to get to know S, the real S, without the Bravado. He wants to have a friend in his metamour. S wants this as well, calls us part of his family.

I honestly worried I would not be able to even hold his (Sís) hand. He was just as nervous as I was, lol. We laughed through our nerves and really opened up to each other. It was intimate but no sex. It was absolutely amazing. Iíve honestly had my sexuality bound up and gagged in a closet for so many years, it is liberating to share myself with someone whom I care for, and who cares for me. G and I have been together for 10 years, and we were very inexperienced when we met. Itís just different with S. I donít compare them (apples and oranges, haha) I just love the differences.

G has slender fingers and smaller hands. Heís more submissive. Heís 2 years older than I. S has larger hands and thick fingers. I love the feel of them on the back of my neck! Heís very attentive, tender andÖI donít know how to describe it. Heís nothing like anyone Iíve ever been with. He is also 5 years younger than me. Itís rejuvenating.

Now, I donít know what will happen between S and P. It doesnít sound like they want to be with each other (based on conversations with both). I told S I will never give him advice or my opinions on his relationship with her. However I did tell him I would stand by him, whatever he decides to do. We also agreed to take whatever time we both need (more him at this point), and not label our relationship, but just date and not pursue anyone else. If we find anything lacking, or off or anything hinky, we will talk about it. It feels great having set our boundaries and set some goals (example, S and I will go camping within a month or so, for a few days alone). We have mutual agreements about not being intimate with anyone other than our partners and each other. Keep in contact and be honest about any needs we have (space, time alone, sexy time, cuddles, a shoulder to lean on, etc).

All in all, I am glad that I didnít fully discard him. I had thought I should, briefly. I kept going back, and feeling I need to get him alone and talk. See who he is without P around. Heís a good soul, and I am grateful I went with my instinct to take it slow and go at his pace

I know there is some manipulation on P's part, promising sex if S stayed home instead of coming to see me - while for weeks has not allowed him to touch her (seen this in action myself). Then asking G to call S and find out what is happening, what we were doing, when he was coming home, etc. She said to both me and G, that she was fine if S and I had a relationship. Then says totally different things to G when we are not around. I think G and I will stay away from her...she sounds potentially toxic to me (am I wrong about this?).
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