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Old 07-28-2012, 05:41 AM
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Originally Posted by RagingBibliophile View Post
I do not do drugs because I choose not to, not because I've been shielded from it. So I'm thinking that my mother found a decent way. I'd rather my kids experience it in safety and with knowledge if they ever decided to do it. Of course I will try to talk them out of it, and warn them of the dangers and consequences.
That was my parents' approach. Actually, I think my dad's disappointed I never scored him a dime bag from the stoners on the corner across from the school. ("Daddy, your job does drug testing...") He came of age in the sixties; naturally he did a bit of experimenting of his own! So he and Mum told me that if I wanted to try pot, I had better do it in the safety of our home. Ditto alcohol; they understood about forbidden fruit pretty well.

Didn't touch a drop of booze until I was eighteen; meanwhile, my cousins in Germany had beers at our camping party aged fifteen. None of us are alcoholics! The only drugs I've done are prescribed to me, and I do not abuse them.

Also, to him, he is very largely into the rave community, with free love, which encompasses the drugs and freedom and pseudo-spirituality and poly-relations of a sort. And that is why I'm on this site, to find out the differences and the similarities. I'm really not sure that he is actually poly at all, or he would give more thought on this.
Ethical non-monogamy basically means we're capable of having multiple partners without cheating. Honesty, trust, and communication are usually more important than any spirituality. Drugs are definitely not a part of poly culture; opinions vary. I personally don't want to be with a partner who uses, even recreationally. I haven't got bail for possession charges, and I don't trust anything but pot to be safe.

That said? If your hard limits are different, that's entirely your choice. Just own the harm that might happen as well as the good and I'm cool with those kinds of choices. Honest risk evaluation is a great thing.

I'm sorry if my posts are jumbled or if I seem to flounder. It's hard for me to make the words come out right sometimes, with my head all fogged up with everything.
Ah, hell, I know from brain fog. Gotta love CFIDS/fibro/whatthefuckery. You tell it in your own way and we'll listen.
"I swear, if we live through this somebody's going to find their automatic shower preferences reprogrammed for ice water."

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