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Old 07-26-2012, 06:09 AM
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Her HB opened an attack on me yesterday evening; not face to face; but with my bff writing on the chat.
That I'm dominant to my fiance. Well yes I have some more male feelings and chariztics; and my fiance more female (well; he is not gay and he is more man than a lot of men but he has a soft and tender side, not macho; and the hb is a real macho; what we dislike. My fiance has different interests than most men; science and the weather instead of cars and boobs, and yes, that is an issue for quite some while which we talk about a lot); so for a lot of people that can look odd; but we love eachother very much, and people can not see wat happens at home; and mainly my fiance is very insecure with others so he wont speak up for himself in front of others. And now I am the problem for the HB.
What difficult it is for us, especially for me, to not tell to her what he told to us; but I didnt; even when I'm so angry and hurt; that is not just me; to take revenge or something; but I'm very hurt; especially with what he told us about his desires to have other women while my bff is very hurt with that... (I think there is nothing wrong with being not-mono, but firstly respect your partner in that; or choose a different partner, be honest in your commitment).
I know she would be devasted by it; and I cant hurt her... It are his thoughts, not mine, so he should tell it too...

I'm a woman that speaks up yes; that is what my mind is made for apparantly; and that is why my fiance loves me and we match very well. I'm the woman who he can talk with about science and stuff...
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