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Old 07-24-2012, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
In short, don't think of yourselves as troubled poly couples while the non-message-board poly couples are doing just fine. They're not better at being poly than you are. They have the same issues. Just as non-message-board mono couples have the same issues as message-board mono people. It's not an insult; it's just the truth.
You're the one saying that everyone involved in poly is "freaking sad". We're just pointing out that finding people having difficulties in a place set up at least in part for people having difficulties to go for help shouldn't be surprising or seen as indicitive of the mindset of everyone else who has a similar relationship style. Also, please stop assuming that I'm troubled - you're projecting again.

Originally Posted by mercury View Post
But I implore you all, even if he is your husband of 15-25 years, stop hating on other women. I don't think she's as bad as you're making her out to be. She's just a woman who has relationship needs like any other woman.
And more projection.
Originally Posted by mercury View Post
I wish they would like each other more, that's all. I wish a woman would actually like her husband's partner. (And that that partner would like her boyfriend's WIFE). You never hear that on here. I have not once read "she's really cool, he picked well." At BEST, it's been "Well, I have my issues with her, but so far there haven't been any major difficulties." It's like this begrudging acceptance. It's never nice. It's mildly troubled, AT BEST.
Well, now you have. Hi. My name is Emily, and I quite like my boyfriend's wife. She's pretty cool and we get along wonderfully. The two of them suit each other perfectly. Obviously he has extraordinarily good taste in women . I also like my other boyfriend's new girlfriend. We don't have as much in common as I do with B2's wife, but she seems very nice.

Originally Posted by mercury View Post
i see much more female cattiness in the poly ones (which only makes sense because there is much more prevalence of women pitted against each other).
You obviously hang out with very different women than I do.

Originally Posted by mercury View Post
It's almost like you think I"m insulting you when I say it seems a hassle and has a lot of issues. I'm not insulting you. I'm just saying poly is this way.
You said:
Originally Posted by mercury View Post
...this is what poly is, and it's freaking sad.
You didn't say it was a hassle or full of issues, you said it was freaking sad. If you didn't expect poly people to find that insulting you really need to pay more attention to social interaction.

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