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Old 07-23-2012, 09:19 PM
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Default Hello All

Hello all, You can just call me cowgirl. Im a 37 year old female and for all intentents and purposes would concider my self to be bisexual. I have never been sexual with another female but have kissed them before.
I have been married for about 10 years. This is my second marriage and its a great one we can talk about anything. I have talked to my husband about polyamory and he is very open. He works away from home months at a time which makes things very lonley for both of us however, I have told him multiple times that if he gets lonley to find someone to occupy his time with just be careful.
I am infatuated with people. I think both men and women are beautiful creatures. I would love to start a loving relationship with another couple who would be as sexual and as committed as I can be. I have an insatable sexual appite. I love to be touched, I love to do things for people and not just in a sexual way however, that is a definate perk.
Im incredibly interested and scared at the same time with polyamory.
Right now I think it would be best if we started out slow and worked our way up the ladder so to speak and make some great friends and potential lovers in the process.
I'd love to here from any of you. Stay safe.


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