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Old 07-21-2012, 07:23 AM
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Question many questions...

i have dated women and men in the past. never at the same time. i used to consider myself mono and prided myself in being faithful. now, i have been married to a man for 4 years and only been with him sexually for all of them and find myself missing a woman's companionship. I have this huge yearning for a girlfriend. My husband and i have discussed this and i beleive i am capable of sharing a relationship with my husband since, after all, by my standards it would be unfair if i could be with her and he couldnt. the problem i am having is this:

i have the perfect husband and the perfect marriage, i dont want to ruin anything we have together. i have a fear of falling in love with the other woman since emotions are what drive me sexually. however, i am scared my husband will also fall in love with her...or her with him. i want to shared relationship with another woman but do not want to share his heart.
is that even possible?
do you think i will get more comfortable with them loving each other after it actually happens?

i dont want to sound selfish about my husband's love. he is a very amazing man and i've never met anyone like him. i just want to always feel more special to him than any other woman...

i want to ask all the right questions before i actually find the perfect woman for me/us because i dont want to get in the middle of an emotional relationship with the woman and then decide "no not working". i am a "life partner" type person. i have never dated anyone i didnt try to make it work for life.

so...any help or kind suggestions would be nice please.

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married and polyamorous

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