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Old 07-18-2012, 05:07 PM
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Default New to the forum...not to poly.

Hello Everyone...wow this looks like a great forum. I am really looking forward to spending time here.

As I said in my title, I am brand new here but not new to poly. My wife and I (of 29 years) have been in a wonderfully satisfying poly relationship with another married couple (of 20 years) for the past 5 years. We were best friends with them for some time before that and our romantic relationships simply evolved into what we are today. None of us planned it, expected it, or even knew we could be open to it. We literally fell in love with our best friends.

We are not open in our families (though a couple of them have figured it out) or in our professional lives due to the consequences we would face. My wife and I have a fundamental Christian background and our families could never understand how our lives could be anything but "living in sin". We are all still Christians but obviously we have moved away from the fundamental teaching we grew up in. We do not all live together...but the dream of such in our future is certainly very appealing. We are very exclusive and have no interest in open relationships in any fashion. Since we are all straight our dynamic is one where each of us feels as if we have two spouses and a best friend.

I have come to believe that our situation is rare and as such we feel extremely blessed. How often will four people get along so perfectly that two marriages could be blended in such a mutually satisfying fashion? To watch my wife fall in love again has been a thrill for me and a gift I give to her out of love and she feels the same with me. We have always had a great marriage...but these last 5 years have been simply incredible. Ups and downs and hurdles of course...but what relationship does not have those? But we have come to know how much stronger 4 can be when love is present.

Anyway... (long winded I know...LOL)

As I said...really looking forward to getting to know some great poly folks. I hope to get the rest of the family on here but I am the one more accustomed to forums and such so we will have to see.


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