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Old 07-17-2012, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I have a friend whose mom is white and her dad was black, she IDs as black. Is she "less black" because only one parent was black? I guarantee she would punch you if you tried to tell her, "Yes." She has had to struggle with racial stereotyping, employment prejudice, asshole-ishness of kids in a hicktown just like any other black person would - the fact that she is "only" half black doesn't change that. Same goes for poly, orientation, etc. As long as part of you identifies with a particular group, whose place is it to judge you for being "less" than anyone else?
And my answer to that is...if I have a standard for what constitutes "such and such" then that's my standard. If, by my standard's, a person is not as such-and-such as another person, then I can assess that they are not as such-and-such as another person. Doesn't mean I'm saying everyone else has to feel the same, but I am allowed to speak in terms of my standards. Everyone is.

We can have this argument all day; you're not gonna convince me that I can't feel the way I do. I do believe some poly couples are more poly than others. Some are just calling themselves poly but are closer to being mono-minded with permissiveness.
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