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Old 07-08-2012, 05:51 PM
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Hmm, I can't say that I really know Wendigo's type because it's not often that we talk about that sort of thing, but I know that both his wife and I are curvy and have nice full asses. He told me that what first attracted him to me was the fact that I was confident in my sexuality. By the time that I told him I'd been faking the confidence that I showed when we first met 6-7 years ago, I had developed real confidence.

Runic Wolf tends to be attracted to women women who are curvy, but proportional, who wear glasses. I think he also has a thing for MILF's (because the last 2 women he dated were definitely MILF's).

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Old 07-08-2012, 07:14 PM
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I'm not in a poly situation right now, but when I was, the guy's girlfriend and I look(ed) nothing alike. We're very, very different in looks.

I'm petite, dark-haired, brown-eyed, and thin/toned in body.

She's seven inches taller than me, blond-haired, blue eyed, slightly heavy/a bit meaty. Not fat, though. I can tell she doesn't watch her food intake as much as I do nor does she exercise as much, but she's meaty/slightly fleshy, not fat.

In a way, I thought it was bizarre that he even went for me if she was his girlfriend (and presumably his type). But I guess some men like a variety of different types.
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Old 07-08-2012, 09:08 PM
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MrS likes strong independent intelligent sexually aggressive women who aren't too "girlie" - luckily for me . Physically - ?? his first girlfriend was a plump brunette, second was a statuesque red-head, I was a skinny blonde - no pattern there. When we are eyeing up girls together I tend to go for the "curvier" girls and he likes the small-breasted compact ones.

Dude, as far as we can tell, will go for just about anyone... but is a sucker for girls in scrubs.
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Old 07-09-2012, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
I don't really notice a physical type so much as a level of dysfunction and neediness about 85% of the time. He really likes those fixer uppers.
LMAO! I spit out my water on that one.
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Old 07-09-2012, 11:58 AM
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JJ doesn't have another partner besides me, but looking at the women he finds interesting/pretty, they seem quite different from me. They're mostly classical beauties whereas I look more eccentric. I'm short and curvy and I have piercings, tattoos and a constantly changing, usually short, hair. Also, the other women are usually older than me, closer to JJ's own age or even older than him. I'm 6 years younger than him. This doesn't really bother me, because I'm confident in how I look. If he stays with me, he must be somewhat attracted to me, so I don't mind that he likes other types as well.

Rory's other partner is a man so it's difficult to compare. But I think her taste in women is really varied. When we look at random women together, we do find quite a lot of things we both like, but when it comes to women she's actually interested in, there really isn't a physical type. They've all (that I know of) been quite different. I think for her it really is more about what's on the inside, more so than for anyone else I know, myself included.
Me: bi woman in my 30's
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Old 07-09-2012, 08:43 PM
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LoL! My husband goes for girls exactly like me. It is uncanny. I go for men almost exactly like him. I mean I like variety, but the one I like the most right now is very much like him, even in build. You now except that DH is a complete anti-socialite and R is VERY outgoing.

I tend to also go for girls like me though, but never found one I like enough to date. DH says I will like the girl he is seeing, and that she thinks I am cute. We shall see. I have yet to meet her.
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Old 07-09-2012, 08:57 PM
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I tend to go for men very similar in personality to Keith. Slightly geeky, but interested in outdoorsy stuff, too.

In women, I tend to go for moms. lol Not sure why - maybe it's because I'm a little bit needy and am attracted to the nurturing spirit most mothers have.A guy being good with kids is a major turn on, too. I don't enjoy too many chick flick kind of movies or too much fluff reading (erotica = good, lame romance novels = only good every so often), so a woman similar to me in those interests is a plus.

I don't like too much muscle tone in my men or women. Fit is fine. 6 pack abs, not so much. I like people a bit taller than me, but not too tall (I'm 5'3" so past 6' is too tall for my taste). Other than that... I'm not a huge fan of facial hair. Physically, my tastes vary so much it's ridiculous. It's really the personality that matters to me.
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Old 07-10-2012, 06:47 PM
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TGIB and I definitely have "types": the similarities between myself and his other female friends, even his ex get scary sometimes. But the same can be said for similarities between MC and TGIB, and both of them compared to other male friends of mine.

Neither MC nor TGIB are into super-skinny girls. Both of them like curves (which is good for me!) and we all like geeky, intelligent people. Beyond curves, I don't think MC or TGIB has a physical type. I tend to like brunettes with glasses (glasses have ALWAYS done it for me!) but I can't figure out if the "brunette" part of that came in to being BECAUSE that's what MC is. It seems to me that I liked a lot more blondes and redheads pre-MC than I do now!

I don't like really masculine men or really girlie girls. I seem to like most those people who are somewhere in the middle and have a balance between their masculine and feminine sides. I'm not a girlie girl myself. While I can enjoy dressing up, makeup, etc I've also always been fairly aggressive and tomboyish. Both MC and TGIB are manly without being in-your-face masculine.

So I guess it's good that MC has never felt threatened by people being similar to him, because it has happened a LOT over the years!
Pan Female, Hinge in a V between my mono (straight) husband, Monochrome and my poly (pan) partner, ThatGuyInBlack
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