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Old 07-10-2012, 05:21 PM
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Default Hi, I am bi-poly-noob looking for advice

I joined because this forum because looks like a safe place to talk about my situation.
I am a bi-sexual woman and married. I came out to my husband several years ago and he has been very understanding and supportive. Soon after I first came out we jumped in to a poly relationship with a women who was also bi. Things went too fast, there was no rules, we were young dumb and emotionally unprepared for it. The relationship ended badly and I was mostly to blame.

The experience left my husband and I more cautious and it took us years to build the confidence to try again. After a few false starts and a lot of talking we are trying again. We found someone that we are going to try and date...not just a "play partner" but some one we really want to try and get to know...to build a relationship with before we head for the bedroom.
I am so nervous and giddy...I find myself craving this woman's approval. This is a first for me. She is the first woman that I don't have to fear trying to steal my husband. (an issue that I have dealt with more than once).

As I mentioned above my husband and I are going to try and date her...our first date is in two weeks...I know she has been in the poly-community for a while and I wonder if she is reading between the lines or should I be more direct with my intentions...I don't want to be too bold and scare her off.

I could really use some advice from someone more experienced in these matters.
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