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Old 07-08-2012, 08:55 PM
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Getting off the original subject here but thought after reading off the website that was suggested above someone might have some input on what im about to say. My relationship began with this couple, after i ended a 24 year relationship with my husband, i was 16 when i met him. My new poly relationship started out as just for fun, my gf being the main instigater, she was infatuated by me. But her husband made no secret in letting us know his feelings, he was falling in love with me. This couple have participated in swinging before but never actual poly relationships. So u could kinda say they seeked me out to have some sexual poly fun, which very quickly turned into a serious loving relationship. The problem being that gf was surprised hubby fell for me. She didnt expect that and it brought with it a huge range of emotions, she has worked hard on, but still struggling. Her main issue is she finds it hard to deal with the fact that hubby loves us equally. He is dedicated to her and their children and would never leave her, i understand this and respect it and wouldnt want it any other way.

Certain things cause her jealousy, she says he made it clear yesrs ago hes not that much into kissing during sex, yet him and me kiss heaps. She says he has changed alot since i came into their lives, changing some behaviours she had been trying to get him to change for years, ie, he has mellowed out more, talks about his feelings more. She is pleased but i understand also confused about this.

So the crux of this is, she wanted me, she was infatuated by me, but dudnt look ahead, she thought she could keep me in a little box and just be part of a threesome, and not have an individual relationship with her hubby. Its thrown her, and weve been struggling ever since. But it is a relationship worth the effort we are putting in. Thankyou for listening, and input would be appreciated.
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