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Old 07-05-2012, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I'd say that it's VERY important to differentiate between your feeling jealous of HER-versus your hurt over not continuing to be treated as meaningful to HIM.

I.E. if you need him to text you once or twice a day when he's out of town-that's not about her. That woudl be true even if he were on a business trip.


you want him to text you BECAUSE he's with her and you are jealous.

One is an issue you need to work on in yourself. The other is simply a matter of identifying your needs and laying them out so that they can be met.
This is an excellent point, for which I am thankful to you for bringing it up. I would have loved a text initiated by him while he was away. I realize I have an issue I need to work on myself and I think these past few days I have done a good job doing so.

I accepted a couple of dates, one from a past (mono) boyfriend, I will call him Scooter in this forum, that I have always wanted to discuss polyamory with. Scooter was very receptive to the idea of me dating other people, but he made it clear that if we did end up getting back together that he would want me to be faithful to him and only him. For now, he said he was fine with me exploring polyamory and seeing my poly guy.
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